Brief: Create an exciting commercial for Nami Sake.
Nami Sake is a unique fusion of Japanese tradition and Mexican flair, brought together in a single bottle. It's the first Mexican Sake that combines Japanese tradition with a Mexican heart. 
To introduce the exquisite Nami flavors to a broader audience, I was asked to create an exciting online commercial to communicate that this first-ever Mexican Sake is a must-try for those with a taste for exotic flavors and a passion for exploring new cultural blends.
Solution: A bold documentary short starring chef Eduardo Palazuelos
In collaboration with Production Agency Los Otros Puertos from Mexico City we developed the idea of introducing Mexican super star Chef Eduardo ‘Lalo’ Palazuelos in this playful short portrait film. Famous from his concept restaurant Mar del Zur, Lalo created a three course menu specifically flavored around Nami Sake’s exquisite taste crafted in Culiacan, Sinaloa.
Documented his words and process, I made a playful film about his love for exotic flavors through a bold mix and match of videos and photos taken with different an assortment of different cameras.

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