Brief: Give Zacup customers an engaging look into the history of their antiques.
Chinese concept store Zacup is a major player in the export and sales of Dutch antiques in the country. When they approached me to delve into the history of these goods, I suggested creating a diptych of branded documentary shorts showcasing two fascinating Dutch artisans. 
This project, which I titled 'The Artisan's Monologues,' was featured in a social media and YouTube campaign.
Solution: Documenting the personal stories behind the objects.
Across two episodes we explored two very distinct personal stories. 
One featured Nico, an Amsterdam-born street organ builder Nico who shares his adoration for this iconic instrument that he has cherished for over four decades. The other episode showcased Ewald, a clockmaker who started his career in a small town and developed a deep passion for restoring antique clocks over time.

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